Monday, July 13, 2009

Fachcha doubts, or is it?

Come July each year, the "cream" of the society has doubts. Doubts regarding their underwears, buckets and mugs in toilets, air conditioners, internet connectivity and a plethora of other (useful?) things. These doubts originate in the most brilliant minds, which obviously speaks volumes about the brilliance of the doubts itself.

In case you are still wondering, I am talking about the students entering into the hallowed portals of Indian Institute of Technology, or lovingly called the IIT. Each year, the new entrants into this institute ask their seniors about various doubts that they have, like will the mosquito bite them, or will they be served food in the mess, or will they have to study. Frusst with the recurring doubts each year, I decided to clear a few doubts for the fresher students. Below is the query, and the reply, as posted on the IIT Kharagpur community on


i m new to kgp

in aerospace dept. btech course
can u tell me what books will be required
how are the hostels allotted
and will we have to stay there from the registration day?


Hey vishal,

Now that you are into IIT, the premier technological institute of the country, there are very high standards of education, especially at Kharagpur, now that it is ranked No.1 in most college surveys.

You have to study a lot of books, studies is going to be everything now. And now that you have joined the Aerospace department, you will be expected to know a lot about aerodymanics and flight simulation before you come here.

Have you read "harry potter" series? It gives a lot of insight into flying, especially brooms, and the subtle art of Quidditch. Also, Microsoft has released a software called "Microsoft Flight Simulator", which will help you very much.

There is also an excellent book by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, "Wings of Fire", which gives you insight into a more subtle form of flying.

For allotting the hostels, there is a gadget called the Sorting Hat, developed by the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering. Just hope you are not sorted into SN or RLB, you will not like to go in them.

Yes, you have to stay here from the registration day, there is no going back even if you want to. Its like a sentence you have to serve for four years.

Post any more queries you might have, we will be glad to help.