Wednesday, January 20, 2010

7 "Indian" girls I wish were more famous

Note 1: The common complaint for my last post was that it did not have any Indian girls on the list (excluding the half-Indian at #7). The reason I did that is because it is difficult to compile a list of Indian girls about whom people have not heard already. But, by popular demand, here it is, a similar list consisting only of Indian girls. I hope you like this list as much as you liked the previous one :)

Note 2: My previous post on '7 girls I wish were more famous' received the maximum traffic any of my posts has had since I started blogging, which made me wonder if, for some people, that is what all there is to internet - girls.

#7 Kulraj Randhawa

You would  know her if you watched the hit TV series on Zee TV, 'Kareena Kareena'. She is more bubbly than a bottle of Pepsi. She did a Punjabi movie called 'Mannat' (which I have have watched :| ). She is also features in the upcoming 'Chintuji' :'(. My point in listing out the names of the movies she has worked in is that she definitely deserves better.

#6 Jennifer Kotwal

You would remember this Parsi model and actress if you've seen 'Just Mohabbat' on Sony TV when you were a kid. She's acted in a couple of mainstream movies in Indian cinema, like 'Yaadein', but her film career did not get a kick start. She is starring in an upcoming movie against Himesh Reshammiya :'( Though I guess she has had quite a success in the Kannada film industry. Anyone willing to enlighten me about her stint with the Kannada film industry is requested to write about it in the comments :)

#5 Nandana Sen

I wish/hope/pray to God that this girl has inherited her thinking-genes from her father (Amartya Sen) AND her mother (Nabaneeta Dev, a prominent Bengali author), in which case, she would become a manifestation of a perfect woman :D She looks like a more refined version of Konkona Sen Sharma, like some vintage wine in a new bottle. She has starred in a couple of successful Indian movies, including 'Black', which was critically acclaimed.

#4 Tulip Joshi

Ok, I agree, she is already famous, but she deserves more! And, she is not 100% Indian, she is half-Armenian (and, Armenia is a beautiful country :D ). She has a face chiseled to perfection, too bad she couldn't make it really big in the Indian film industry. She has starred in 'Mere Yaar ki Shaadi hai', 'Dil Maange More', and 'Mathrubhoomi' (in which her acting was critically acclaimed).

#3 Shazahn Padamsee

Daughter of ad-guru Alyque Padamsee and pop-diva Sharon Prabhakar, she has a name which has been invented by her father, and according to him, 'Shazahn' means 'the queen of the world'. Recently, she starred in 'Rocket Singh', and has a long way to go to become the queen of bollywood, and our hearts :D

#2 Sheetal Sheth

Born in New Jersey to Gujarati Jain parents, Sheetal Sheth is based in the United States and has mostly worked abroad till now. Watch out for the Sheetal Sheth-Lisa Ray pair in 'I Can't Think Straight' and 'The World Unseen'. You might need to wear sunglasses to bear the radiance that this pair of two of the most beautiful women give to the screen in these movies.

#1 Jesse Randhawa

A model turned actress, she is a trained dancer in Rumba, Salsa, and Viennese Waltz. She has worked in movies like 'Gulaal', and the little screen presence that she has in the movie is enough to make you fall in love with her. She has a truly global look and appeal, I wish she gets more projects in the future.

7 "Indian" girls I wish were more famous...

Monday, January 11, 2010

7 girls I wish were more famous

Note 1: This list is based solely on my views, ratings, and choice. They might already be famous, but I am sure these names must be new to a lot of people reading this.

Note 2: This post has high-rez images of all the girls I have listed, and there are some hidden features for the geeks to explore ;)

#7 Mandala Tayde

Remember 'Dil Chahta hai'? The final scene, in which a 'fairy' comes into Akshaye Khanna's life, giving a near-perfect end to a magnificent movie. That fairy was Mandala Tayde :) Born to a German mother and an Indian father, her movie career never really took off.

#6 Roxane Mesquida

It is difficult to get your eyes off this enchanting French actress. She is as sexy as her name. Watch a couple of her French movies just so that you get the pleasure of watching her scorching the screen.

#5 Minka Kelly

Seen '(500) Days of Summer'? How I wish that she played 'Summer' in the movie, or, the movie was named '(500) Days of Autumn', although she looks more like spring to me :D My bet is, she is soon getting better roles in movies very soon. Looking forward to watching her in 'The Roommate'.

#4 Rebecca Hall

This stunning lady acted in 'The Prestige', 'Vicky Christina Barcelona', 'Frost/Nixon' to name a few, but still she hasn't come to get the kind of attention that she deserves.

#3 Vanessa Ferlito

You would know her if you are a Tarantino fan. In 'Death Proof', this Italian-American has probably given the best lap-dance sequence captured on camera EVER. Watch it to believe it.

#2 Paz Vega

I used to believe nobody could give Monica Bellucci a run for her money (I still do...), but my argument got a little weaker when I saw this spanish actress. You would like to watch 'Spanglish' just for her.

#1 Clémence Poésy

Define:veela --> A gorgeous creature that has the power to seduce any man, but will throw balls of fire at you if you piss one off, this is said about these mythical creatures in Harry Potter, and what a master-stroke of casting with Clémence Poésy (Fleur Delaceur) in 'The Goblet of Fire'. 'In Bruges' is a fantastic movie of hers. This French actress, like her name, is poetry personified :)

P.S. : If you wish somebody else was more famous too, feel free to write about them (in the comments).

P.P.S. : Let me know if you liked this post, I can write a couple of more such lists in the future. ;)

7 girls I wish were more famous...