Monday, January 11, 2010

7 girls I wish were more famous

Note 1: This list is based solely on my views, ratings, and choice. They might already be famous, but I am sure these names must be new to a lot of people reading this.

Note 2: This post has high-rez images of all the girls I have listed, and there are some hidden features for the geeks to explore ;)

#7 Mandala Tayde

Remember 'Dil Chahta hai'? The final scene, in which a 'fairy' comes into Akshaye Khanna's life, giving a near-perfect end to a magnificent movie. That fairy was Mandala Tayde :) Born to a German mother and an Indian father, her movie career never really took off.

#6 Roxane Mesquida

It is difficult to get your eyes off this enchanting French actress. She is as sexy as her name. Watch a couple of her French movies just so that you get the pleasure of watching her scorching the screen.

#5 Minka Kelly

Seen '(500) Days of Summer'? How I wish that she played 'Summer' in the movie, or, the movie was named '(500) Days of Autumn', although she looks more like spring to me :D My bet is, she is soon getting better roles in movies very soon. Looking forward to watching her in 'The Roommate'.

#4 Rebecca Hall

This stunning lady acted in 'The Prestige', 'Vicky Christina Barcelona', 'Frost/Nixon' to name a few, but still she hasn't come to get the kind of attention that she deserves.

#3 Vanessa Ferlito

You would know her if you are a Tarantino fan. In 'Death Proof', this Italian-American has probably given the best lap-dance sequence captured on camera EVER. Watch it to believe it.

#2 Paz Vega

I used to believe nobody could give Monica Bellucci a run for her money (I still do...), but my argument got a little weaker when I saw this spanish actress. You would like to watch 'Spanglish' just for her.

#1 Clémence Poésy

Define:veela --> A gorgeous creature that has the power to seduce any man, but will throw balls of fire at you if you piss one off, this is said about these mythical creatures in Harry Potter, and what a master-stroke of casting with Clémence Poésy (Fleur Delaceur) in 'The Goblet of Fire'. 'In Bruges' is a fantastic movie of hers. This French actress, like her name, is poetry personified :)

P.S. : If you wish somebody else was more famous too, feel free to write about them (in the comments).

P.P.S. : Let me know if you liked this post, I can write a couple of more such lists in the future. ;)

7 girls I wish were more famous...


  1. Back Home, Gracy Singh (munnabhai, lagaan et al) and of course Melissa Theuriau :) :)

  2. dude the list is awesome but kind of injustice to those beautiful Indian faces out there,lolz..none of them could make it into the the way "BORN TO A GERMAN MOTHER",huuuh :) keen observation,may be thts the ABRA-CADABRA needed in our lives...good work Pulkit,definitely my personnel favourite,cheers

  3. @Murthy, I would agree as far as Melissa is concerned, she is one of my personal favorites too, but she is a news-reader and not a movie star and hence not on this list :) As far as Gracy is concerned, I would have gladly accepted had she not made her so out-of-shape :P

    @Amulya, I can write another post to do justice to Indian faces ;) , aur saale, reading between the lines publicly mat kiya kar :P :D

  4. :like ! but Paz vega is pretty famous .. i remember a scandolous picture ( :D) in HT City about 5 years back.

  5. :D

    @Ambuj, agreed she is pretty famous. But at the same time she is too hard to resist :D :P

  6. paz vega is famous ambuj says..but yeah the rest are very apt choices...keep on blogging!

  7. Paz Vega is on one of K.A.K.O.R.I's lists too.. if you know what I mean

  8. @harsha, I am aware of that. That is precisely the source of my knowledge of Paz Vega

  9. Clémence Poésy- Good choice. She's a familiar face, ain't she?

  10. Mandala Tayde surely would have gone more famous

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. This comment is a little late in the day.

    I watched Wide Sargasso Sea and Rebecca Hall has done a terrific job of portraying Bertha Mason. Your post instantly reminded me of this film.

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