Monday, September 28, 2009

Post blog post(ing)

Note 1: These are the views formed by an amateur blogger, experienced ones may gratify me with some enlightening thoughts that I am not aware of.

Note 2: For bloggers-to-be, please refrain from using this post as a potential guide for yourselves.

The very act of "post"ing a blog is satisfying in itself, in the sense that you have a sense of creation. But what you do post posting a blog is somewhat intriguing. Those geeky enough to put an analytics on their blog would want to keep knowing live statistics of how their baby is performing.

For me, after opening the analytics page once every 5 minutes after posting, what is most intriguing to me is that every time I make a post, and check the analytics data, I am gratified by gaussian-like curves which show the number of visitors on my blog. Every time! The shape is almost the same everytime, just that the peaks may vary. For starters, here is what a gaussian function looks like:

...and here is what the hits on the blog look like (Please note, some curves are a linear combination of one of more gaussian curves :P)

Ok! I am sorry. Enough of the romancing about the beauty of statistics, Mr. Gauss, and the curves (yes, these are the only curves we are aware of :'( )

Enough already about post-blog posting. Here is a little about pre-blog posting.

Some guidelines that I follow before I make a blogpost (others are free to follow these, or others, as the case maybe).

I ask myself the following questions before posting:

1) Is my post going to influence the views of the reader?

2) Is my post a society-changing post, and makes a strong point against the prevailing social evils?

3) Is my post going to make my readers laugh?

4) Am I NOT going to get ridiculed and made fun of in public for writing it?

5) Will it be appreciated by anyone?

If the answer to ALL of the above questions come out to be a NO, thats an indication that I have come up with a perfect post to be made on my blog. :D

Now that I have made my blog post, let me get back to...

Post Blog post(ing)...


  1. interesting :)
    Funny, how mere weblogs have now become vehicles for expression.
    And agents of vanity. ;)

  2. Thank god the questions you ask yourself are incorrectly answered in your head. Had you known the right answer, I wouldnt be writing a comment on this blog. :D

  3. @Naman, i think you meant to say i correctly answered the questions in my head, and thank God I did not give the incorrect answers :D