Friday, December 11, 2009


Note 1: The *s in the title of the post doesn't stand for what you think it does you pervert. It stands for "ace".

Note 2: "Yo" "Social" "Networking".

Web 2.0 brought with itself an interesting and a rather irritating revolution with it, Social Networking. Let me not talk about Social Networks in general, lets talk about something that has got everyone hooked onto the social media, F***book.

As a concept, I applaud F***book, and I applaud you Mark Zuckerberg. F***book empowers people to stay in touch with family and friends, share pictures, videos, and other interesting things that they may stumble upon the internet. BUT, please, please watch the movie 'Spiderman', and always remember, 'with great power comes great responsibility'.

1. Public Romance

Wow! You are in love? Alright. Congratulations. You make a cute couple. But, if you want to say something to your 'love' about your love, there is an option to send personal message. Writing it on your wall is NOT cute. And, you DON'T have to 'like' each and every post made my him/her. And the picture that he/she just uploaded, I know it looks great, but the comment you just made on it, it can be a little more subtle than "awww...chooo look amazinggggg in this picture. luvvvv ya. muah!!!!!!!".

2. What @#^%$# are you?

Seriously? You think I have got nothing better to do with my life than to know what chocolate/ice-cream flavour/mathematical function/movie character/actor/actress/movie quote/song/superhero/$^%$/&^%*&/%^%$^ you are. Trust me, I don't want to know it, and neither does anyone else. Nor do we want to know who your perfect date is, or when are you going to die, or how many people secretly admire you, or how good a kisser you are, or whatever other superpower you might like to have in your fantasy world. Face it, if a f***book quiz says Megan Fox is your perfect match, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET HER. EVER. PERIOD.

3. Farming and the Underworld

Seriously? You have got nothing better to do with your life than to grow strawberries/potatoes/tomatoes and adopt that lonely cow that wandered on your field, and earn ribbons for doing it? And yeah, the bank robberies, gang wars, and the other "underground" activities that you indulge in right under everyone's nose, please DONT try to make me a part of it by sending me an occasional gun, rifle, revolver or money. And just like I dont want to be a mafia, I dont want to be a vampire too, or any other mythical/mythological/imaginary/real creature you might think of. I am perfectly fine the way I am.

And yeah, for all the sufferers due to above, make extravagant use of the 'Block' and the 'Hide' buttons. They are there just to protect us from the atrocities of our fellow human-beings.



  1. haha... thank god some1 feels d same way

  2. chhoooo chweet !! lol.
    you are the man, pulkit.

  3. thank god!! there are still people who think like me!!!!!!

  4. @harsha, i have posted it on facebook, please do the needful :P (no poe's law for me)

    @anirudh, absolutely yes! we've had a good guiding light :)

  5. finally i had to leave a comment this one is too good :P