Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Why I like to f***(book)

Note 1: Like in the Hollywood, when they run out of ideas (I haven't yet, still...), they make sequels, or reboot a series, to make it darker or deeper, so am I, completing my 'The f***book trilogy'. But, it often does not work. So, I promise, there will (probably :P) be no more posts about f***book after this.

Note 2: I would have liked to call this post 'The f***book Revolutions'. In which case, 'The f***book Reloaded' can be found here, and 'The f***book' can be found here.

I have pretty much lashed out on f***book in the previous editions of my posts. In my final installment, I would like to end it on a good note. Well, truth and happiness should prevail in the end, isn't it? There are some very good things that I like about f***book.

1) Lists

Your online-social-life can get pretty f***ed on f***book when you have several members of your family/boss/office colleagues/professors/other (unwanted) people in your friends list :D . Only if you don't know how to use lists. Head straight to your friends list, and segregate your friends into different lists, it would take 5 minutes. This done, you can share updates only with specific lists of people, read updates by people in a specific list, and appear online only for people in a specific list. Like they say, use protection on f***book. Better safe than worry.

2) Games / Applications

Some of the games and applications are pretty neat. I am not talking about Mafia Wars, or Farmville here. I am talking about some pretty cool and classic games like UNO and Scrabble, which one can play multi-player, in real-time, with their friends, or with people from around the world.

3) Idiocy

Trust me, it will keep you engaged. When you see some of the updates, you realize that there is practically no limits to the idiocy people can do on f***book. I thought Failbook was fictitious, until, similar updates started creeping into my updates. Its fun! Forget the status updates, it is hilarious to know what people "like". I didn't know 58,969 (and counting) people like "Breathing", 534,155 (and counting) people like "Food", and 1,245,847 (and counting) people like "Sleeping"; so much that they feel it imperative for other people to know. I don't know how will this get any better and more hilarious than this, but I trust f***book to get even better, the people will make it. Period.

4) Shameless self-promotion

When I make a post, I would goddamn shout upon you to read it. Read it. Read it. READ IT, WILL YOU?  And, 'like' it. 'Like' it. 'LIKE' IT, WILL YOU? I would naturally do it on f***book. And now my blog is integrated with f***book, so you can 'like' my posts on the blog itself. \m/ \m/ Do I feel ashamed doing this? Hell no! I deserve this after suffering the atrocities of people in my friends list in my updates. \m/

5) Privacy settings

F***book has pretty strong and powerful privacy settings. BUT, people don't know how to use it, and mess up. Oh the joy! When you visit a profile, and are able to circumvent the privacy settings, knowing that you are among the few people who can do it. :D Geek-joy in f***book-dom. :D

6) Google ka baap

There was a time when Google was Microsoft ka baap. Until, Google realized that its baap has pwned the web. F***book is already ahead of Google in terms of the time people spend on the site. Further, Google seems so intimidated by f***book, that it had to launch Buzz to counter it. The problem with f***book being more powerful is, the more powerful the beast is, the more scary the beast is. But, as long as two mighty and gigantic beasts are busy fighting it out in the ring, we might very well sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! I 'like' it.

P.S: I have only listed six, and not the usually attempted seven, for a reason... ;)

Why I like to f***(book)...