Monday, July 05, 2010

Cars, etc.

I like cars. There are so many types of cars. Cars come in so many different colors. Some cars are brightly colored. Some cars are elegantly colored shiny black. Some cars are fast, very fast. Some cars are small, and cute. But then, who doesn't like cars? Everyone wants a nice ride! There are so many types of cars that a car can easily show what you are, a lot more about you than you'd imagine.

I got a job, like everyone else. I earned money, like everyone else. I wanted to buy a car, like everyone else. I didn't buy a car, unlike everyone else. Because, a car to me wasn't a convenience (conveyance), it was more of a dream. I will save lots of money and get the best car for myself, the car I wanted all my life. That was the dream. A cherished dream. Yes, everybody around me got a car for themselves. So what? Let the dream go? Peer pressure? First car. Its all about the first car. First car is special. In fact, first car is (should be) the car. Some of my friends keep changing their cars. They don't care about the cars they drive. They use them, sell them off, and then get a new car for themselves. Lifestyle, I say. One of my friends even offered me his car, that I buy it "second-hand". Ha! Second-hand? Is he out of his freakin' mind? Anyway, some have more than one car. Is it like, "I have 5 cars, but the blue one is my favorite car"? Though, some have more than one cars because - one, official use, one for the wife, one for the kids and so on. Some have rich dads, so that solved their problem of getting a fabulous car. I wouldn't take money from my dad to buy a car even if he could afford it, or even if he wanted me to. I will not (and should not) get my first car just like that! Some went abroad and got amazing cars for themselves. Boy, cars are cheap abroad! I sometimes wonder if I should get an imported car. But then, It'll cost me a fortune to get an imported car. (Earn more? Goddamit! >.< ) Oh, cars are so difficult to choose. Though, I think, once you really admire and like a particular car, there should not be much doubt. It is more like, 'the car chooses you', not the other way round.

Some, on the other hand, got really fat paychecks right from the start. Yes, they had worked hard for it and they deserved it. Yes, some among them shared my dream too, and they realized their dream of getting a car, a really good, nice car, early on in their lives. Oh! I still remember that day when my friend, my very close friend, showed me his red, shining brand-new car. Boy, was he happy! And that car, a mighty beast! The twinkle in his eyes. The sparkle. I will have that feeling one day. No, there was no envy. But the dream got more resolute, and I, stronger.

Some, on the other hand, bought a cheaper car. Yes they couldn't afford an expensive car, and compromised their dream somewhere along the road. Good for them, I say. Get what you can afford (deserve rather) rather than what you dream. Different priorities, I say. I am not like that though. Stubborn, you may say. "I will have this, nothing else". Ah what the hell, who cares? Get what you want and let me have what I want, how I want.

Oh, and yes, it has been long since I have been doing a job (not that long, but long enough). My current job has been paying me very well (I wouldn't boast, but heavy the paycheck is). Stick to the dream was all I did. And work for it. My bank balance is swelling. I think it is time that I get what I wanted all this while, I have waited long. Ah, and before leaving, might I add, that the dream was always rational. Of course I wouldn't have waited to be so old to buy a car that I wouldn't enjoy the thrill or not be able to drive it. That would have been a silly thing to do. Really.


  1. Firstly, I already miss the Note 1, Note 2 part. (haven't read the post yet). Vishesh Tippani later :D

  2. Ok. Now having read it, there are only 2 parts of this post that I really agree with.

    Part 1: Everyone eventually wants a good 'ride'.
    Part 2: Everyone wants a good 'job'.

    If you disagree, visit your nearest sexologist TODAY!!! :P :D

  3. Well, it is open to interpretation.

    I started it out with a different intention in mind, it turned into something else. What I feel now reading it AFTER writing it, I think it would be cool as an opening monologue of the lead character in a movie, narrated in the background, if you know what I mean (think forrest gump, for the lack of a better example)

    [Think Trainspotting (courtesy Bhaskar)]

  4. no 7 cars, Breaking the mould are we? anyways, it seems like the narration from the mind of a 18 year old boy who is wise beyond his years :P

    I disagree with the part the real car lovers won't go for second hand cars, those babies have seen life and have character unlike the new shining rookies. you only need to give them a tune up, a fresh coat of paint and she will be more faithful than you can imagine.

  5. What is your opinion about guys who modify their cars with 'custom' parts? :P

  6. well a nice monologue it would make, indeed.
    your writing reminds me of "catcher in the rye"-Salinger. keep blogging

  7. @anubhav, agreed about the second hand cars. yes, those babies have seen life and have character. I missed that somehow, though, I would want my car to see life and grow in character with me behind the wheels :)

    @Rainbow_Warrior, ummm, to each his own (car) is all I can say :P

    @prasant, thanks! :)