Thursday, August 12, 2010


Note 1: Crack it!

Note 2: Wish me (luck)!

The devil that invented alarm-clocks, and, oh the angel, who invented a snooze button for it! \m/ \m/

The sweet, sweet pleasure of sleeping that extra 5 mins, and more, and more and more... I thank thee Lord for it! :D

The madness, the anger, the frustration when you were just about to hold her hands with love and the painful, agonizing noise wakes you up, and the contentment in resuming it right where you left it, and completing the dream exactly the way it was meant to end! :D

The foresight, of setting the clock for atleast 10 minutes before you have to actually wake up, just for 'snooze'ing... :)

Like 'Inception', that's the 7 'snooze' minutes which feel much, much more... :)

Though, like 'Inception', the final "kick", it still hits you hard. :|