Sunday, May 06, 2012

Multiple Chrome-gasms: Youtube Ed.

Note 1: I have professed my love for Chrome before. Here's some more.

Note 2: Yes, yes. This is a cheap way for me to get a new post up on my blog. Just like the previous Chrome post. :|

We all use Youtube. A lot. And sometimes, I find myself saying, "I wish it was possible to ... on youtube." It gets irritating sometimes. Here are some of the brilliant things you can do with Youtube using Chrome extensions:

Make a music player out of youtube right inside your browser.

So, you install this beautiful looking extension, make a playlist on Youtube, and add it to this extension. So now you have a music player in your browser, powered by Youtube. And yes, the player offers looping of playlist/songs. So that's one headache gone. And, you can search playlists on youtube from within this extension and play them. So on a fine sunny Sunday morning, all you need to do it search "old hindi songs", and there you have it - a fine sunny Sunday morning with music.

Picture-In-Picture For YouTube.

I love this one! Imagine you are watching a tutorial, or a loooooong speech. You want to be able to magically switch tabs and multi-task, listen/refer to the video, or occasionally take a glimpse of the video. After installing this extension, you will see a "PIP" button below your video. Click, and enjoy multi-tasking while watching the video!

Popout for YouTube

If you want more flexibility than Picture-in-Picture, and you want the video to completely pop-out of the browser window, use this. It adds a button on the top right to pop-out the video. Of course, Picture-in-Picture fits better in a use-case where you want to primarily work on the browser while doing your work.

YouTube Downloader.

It's so difficult to find a downloader for youtube which actually works! Well, this one does. It adds a button below the video to download the video, in mp3 or HD video.

Skip ads on YouTube.

Ever got frustrated of waiting for 30 seconds to compulsorily watch an ad before you can watch the awesome video you just opened? This extension adds a button above the video to skip the ad and immediately start the video.

Auto Replay for YouTube.

Adds an option below the video to play the video on loop. Even only a part of the video.

Bonus: I get annoyed ever so often because I have streamed a video to watch later, then I play it, switch to full-screen, and bam! All the effort gone down the ditch, because youtube starts streaming "HD" quality for the full-screen. Guess what youtube, I don't want HD! Fortunately, there is a way to turn it off. Access your youtube settings (while logged into youtube) here. Choose "I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video", and hit save. Phew.

Multiple Chrome-gasms: Youtube Ed. ...


  1. I admit that chrome is a no-nonsense fast browser but it irritates like hell whenever it starts hanging, especially after having left fb open for a long time.
    The entire explorer.exe goes in for a toss. That has made me install firefox, safari, opera and what not!

    1. I hear u. The issue is with flash which is generously used by facebook and youtube. Using chrome today feels like using windows xp half a decade back. It is super-simple, dead useful, but u need to kill that explorer.exe every now and then to keep things ship-shape :P

  2. And still I return to chrome. Every single time! God knows why.

  3. @Alok: Haha! I think the word you are looking for is 'Simplicity'. And yes, I agree Chrome hogs quite a lot of memory. And facebook open for a long time makes Chrome hang because of the tons of javascript on facebook. I am sure Chrome's performance would beat that of Firefox (or any other browser) hands down. :)

  4. :D
    Btw, what's with the "Saroj Kumar, Arif Nezami/Amit Sharma and 78 others like this." on every post on your homepage? :P

    1. Yup, that way I can trick everyone into thinking my blog is super-popular. But not you. :P