Thursday, October 25, 2012

One things.

One TV. One comfy couch. One washing-machine. One fridge. One sofa. One dining table. One king-sized bed.

One high-end computer. One big screen. One projector. One fast internet connection. One great camera.

One nice house. One luxurious car. One stunning bike.

One more update. One more like.

One phone. One number on speed-dial.

One hobby. One quirk. One sport to be good at. One instrument you can play. One act which no-one else can.

One girl who made you nervous. One teacher you admired.

One movie that makes you cry. One song that makes you smile. One book that you never forget.

One restaurant where everyone knows you. One bistro where you know what is available off the menu.

One crazy adventure. One unforgettable ride. One journey that changes you.

One trip around-the-world. One dive into the sea. One climb over the mountains. One jump from the sky.

One place to call home.

One big family. One group of amazing friends.

One companion. One lover. One confidant. One partner. One love.

One extra mile to walk, together. One kiss, again. One more look, into your eyes.

One walk along the moon-lit beach. One photo, to cherish.

One moment of grief. One moment of despair. One dead-end. One failure.

One moment of faith. One moment of strength. One moment of weakness.

One opportunity. One instance of pure luck. One moment of success.

One dream realized. One dream that never came true. One dream that you held on to.

One moment of real accomplishment.

One second of fear. One minute that just didn't seem to pass. One hour of patiently waiting. One day that felt like eternity. One month away from everything. One year that didn't matter.

One memory to hold on to, for happiness. One memory to hold on to, to always remember how it felt to be sad.

One moment of forgiveness. One fault, forgiven.

One moment of joy. One moment of desire. One moment of bliss.

One moment of anger. One moment of pain.

One moment of feeling really tiny. One moment of feeling insignificant.

One moment of mystery. One moment of magic. One moment that takes your breath away. One moment of surprise. One moment of delight. One moment of disbelief. One moment of beauty.

One miracle.

One moment you can never forget. One moment of awe. One moment of grandeur.

One moment of truth.

One last drink. One last smoke.
One last glimpse. One last sigh.

One life.
One things.


  1. This is cool, every line made me think. Like how context changes from sentence to sentence.

    Funny, it makes me think of multiple-choice quizzes. What if you have to select only 3, or 5, or 10 out of these?

  2. :) Thanks!
    Well, yeah, if we are talking multiple-choice, they we have to eliminate and bring it down to two options now, no? :P

  3. Ohh... I am reading between the lines. :)

  4. Got me thinking on a mother's perspective to One Things: One first cry. One unforgettable moment. One lasting moment of motherhood. One more sleepless night. One more smile. One more mischief. One endlessly tiring day. One day of euphoria. One small step. One new word. One more milestone. One more hug. One more kiss. One lifetime of happiness. :)

  5. I found myself wishing that I had this post with me, printed on a yellowing page in a novel I had given dog ears to. :)