Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Note 1: After the overdose of 'girls' in my previous two posts, I thought I should focus a little on 'guys' now. Girls are not the most important thing in life after all, or is it? :D Though, I intend to complete a series of 7 posts on 'girls', sometime in the future maybe.

Note 2: This is probably my first post that can be classified as a 'Personal Rant', something which I have tried to avoid all along. One man's nostalgia is another man's boredom. But, IDGAF. It is MY blog after all. Though, I will try to keep it interesting. And in any case, who reads my blog anyway. (including the fictitious people mentioned here...)

The years at college give us the most amazing friends we are probably going to find during our life. I found none. Sad. That is the reason why, when I am on the verge on leaving college, getting nostalgic and all that crap...I am forced to write about 5 fictitious people I hoped I would have met. Also the precise reason why the title of this post doesn't mean anything. I would have been extremely lucky had I got the privilege of meeting such cool people.

Anubhav Sahoo

Have you seen 'The Matrix'? Remember that guy who did weird things into the computer and got Neo into the Matrix. That character personifies Sahoo. He can do weird stuff using computers. His heart doesn't pump blood, it pumps Javascript. His girlfriend is 'Age of Empires', and that is the ONLY reason why he is single. Girls, you can give him a try if you want to, but let me warn you in advance, he would like to kiss his 2 GB RAM before he would to you. He is also the inventor of a super-secret submarine, which also flies :O. The Indian Armed Forces doesn't know about this yet. Also, his stomach has been known to store 15-20 litres of an inflammable volatile liquid at a time.

Abhinav Shashank

He is THE 'Man from Earth'. He has graced this planet for thousands of years by his august presence. Only, in the process, he ended up a little...ummm...errr...slanted. Believers believe that he has the entire universe inside his mouth. He has walked on water, and turned water to wine. His boons have made billionaires. He has been there and done every possible thing on this whole wide Earth. So much that soon there will be a school in his name at IIT Kharagpur - (A)bhinav (S)hashank (S)chool of (H)VAC (O)r (L)iquid (E)ngineering.

Dhawal Nanda

@All single girls, this cute and handsome guy is single and available (just like 4 out of 5 people in this post are). He is also a good dancer, his favorite number being 'Kajra Re' (his favorite role in that song being that of Aishwarya Rai's). I would advise you not to make any delay, go to his profile, and send him a friend request, he WILL accept it. A true gentleman, he will be the first to strike a conversation, and will ALWAYS return your calls. He is a good listener, and is always ready to lend emotional support during times of distress. He is what you call a perfect package. I wonder why the package has been left unopened yet. I challenge any guy out there who can claim he can boast of a better figure than him :D

Nitesh Mishra

His army background gave him the opportunities of his lifetime, but the gentleman that he is, he let it all go. His traits has often been likened to a crow, and there have been several documentaries on him. He is proud to have eaten only 'French fries' all his life, which earned him the name, much to his dislike, 'Aloo-man'. He doesn't believe in getting married, but instead, in getting marriages done. He knows all the mantras and shlokas by heart, and can be of very good use for all his friends some time soon in the future (hopefully...). He is also known to get violent in the company of small creatures (read Shobhit Singhal).

Shobhit Singhal

'Shobhit ka dimaag Chacha Chowdhary se bhi tez chalta hai'. True Story. What I don't understand about him is where does he store all that brainpower, because the frame of his body is too small for a brain of that size. He is also known to carry a wonderland in his bag, open it, and out comes "one matchstick, 2 GB RAM (just in case of an emergency), one eraser, no pencils, a book on 'Power Systems' (incidentally his favorite subject, has scored a 'P'erfect in all Systems courses), a toothbrush, a railway ticket to Kolkata, a used condom, a crumpled agarbatti, and a dinosaur's egg". He is also dead-against smoking, he can put off any lit cigarette in his vicinity, even when he doesn't want to. He has vowed to get back at Nitesh Mishra, and any other person that has/will get violent with him, and has joined Gym to this effect.

PS : Due apologies to the people missing in the first pic, I will replace it when I get a pic with everyone in it...



  1. To complete this group of fictitious people, a quintessential addition to the list would be the most eligible Kayastha Bachelor in the whole universe.

    The man who, by looks is the Einstein of the 21st century, and can make you believe that the earth is a square, better known as Pulkit Anand aka Helmet.

    With the wiki in his mind you are ought to find an answer to everything you can ever think off.

    As far his mood goes, as he says himself, "Main frusst nahi hoon yaar".... And yaa one thing which you ought to know, you never cross him he can a#$@$@#k you anywhere anytime and that's because as he says "main usually hi detaa to rehtaa hoon naa".

    I would challenge anyone to win over him in a witty conversation and obviously fundaa dene mein koi mere se aage niklaa hai to its definitely him.

    As far as girls go, I doubt he would ever meet someone who matches the "Pulkit Standards", and definitely when someone does she's gonna have the life of a queen and I doubt even Columbus would have traveled as obscure places as she might traveled.

  2. gud you are getting hilarious evryday btw ,btw is nitesh single ?? and arnt u n shobhit a couple

  3. @ Abhinav, shukriya :P

    @Doga, shhh...ye sab andar ki baat hai :D