Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love (and Networks)

Note 1: This is how (crappy?) my life is, I am "blogging about love" on Valentine's Day. :|

Note 2: By writing this post, I have ruined even that minuscule chance of... :'(

Q: When do you know you are in love?
A: You can never know, you can just feel it.

Four years at IIT has ensured that I do not feel love as a 'human', but four years at 'The Royal Department of Electrical Engineering' has ensured that I have a feel for love as an 'engineer'. I know what I am about to write is not going to impress my B. Tech project guide (nor any girl reading this :D ), but, why do I care? He is not impressed with my project either. :D

Let us examine a simple resistive circuit.

Surely, this cannot be love. That is not how it is supposed to be! A straight line? There definitely must be something more to it. Let us try an inductive circuit.
Err...well this can never be love! True, this is often how some of the modern relationships are. Decreasing with time, exponentially, until it reaches a zero value! Oops... something's gone terribly wrong here. Surely, this cannot be true love. Lets try a capacitive circuit instead.

This seems like a good plot. We can see love increasing progressively with time, and the rise is exponential. But there seem to be two problems. First, it reaches the maximum value only after infinite time :D , and second, the rate of increase of the graph decreases exponentially, so, the relationship seems to get sluggish after sometime.

So, lets come straight to the finale now. An LC circuit. A resonant LC circuit. Here's what it looks like.

Perfect! A charged capacitor of the right rating, coupled to an inductor of the matching rating, and they fall in love. What follows is perfect resonance, in a beautiful sinusoidal wave, going on forever. True, there ARE ups and downs, but love lasts an eternity. One's weaknesses are complemented perfectly by the other. Everlasting support. Energy transferred between them constantly. Forever. In Harmony. Never dies. That's love. True love. And, if you look at that graph very carefully, and let your imagination flow a little, what you see is this...

Love is in the air....
And all you need is love!

P.S: I Love You <3

P.P.S: Yes, I really do! Its ok that you don't know me, but yes, its true...

Love (and Networks)...


  1. Electrical department have seriously messed wid ur head. U need a few (or more) "electrical" shocks. This may just be the nerdiest post I read about love. I feel bad for the girl who ur gonna love :D

    P.S. - Nice Post :P
    P.P.S. - I was just kidding in the P.S. :D

  2. @kingy...absolutely correct! :D

    you can guess why I am so excited to get out of here :P

    P.S: I hope you have a great Valentine's
    P.P.S: I just hope, I know you won't :P

  3. No idea who you are- but how cute is this!!! :-)

  4. @Anonymous - no idea who I am? o.O
    That is the reason there is an "About" section in the blog :|

    And, by the sound of it, you seem like a cute girl, in which case, I would have loved it if the comment had not been anonymous :D

  5. hahah..nice theory! u shud've photoshoped the love sign neatly. that wud've been more convincing.

  6. @Longbir...thanks :)

    Yes, you are right, but I am a photoshop noob, and from your profile, I can see that you are a design graduate. Would love to collaborate sometime with you? What say? :)

  7. Love shove sab moh maaya hai. Love is a foolish thing genes make you think because they want to procreate and live on. They dont give a damn about you.

    Sheeeeeesh, yes I plan to read the selfish gene.

  8. why do u think girls won't like it???
    it really is a good observation... :D

  9. Man this is awesome!!
    huge philosophy explained in basic circuits, great!!!

  10. awesome..
    I m sure this article would make an entry in our dep magazine. :)

  11. this is good dude, srsly... keep ur imaginations flowing !!