Sunday, March 21, 2010

7 girls I wish were less famous

Note 1: This is my 3rd post in a possible series of 7 posts. The previous two posts can be found here and here.

Note 2: This list consists of just two non-Indian actresses, primarily because Indian actresses enjoy more popularity in India.

#7 Malaika Arora

Before writing about why she should be less famous, I would like to clarify why exactly is she famous. Is it because she was a VJ in some music channel, or because of her appearance in a number of 'item numbers', or the fact that she is married to Arbaaz Khan? She is neither pretty, nor a good actress. As far as item numbers are considered, being famous just because of them?

#6 Priyanka Chopra

She has made it into this list primarily because she won a 'national award' for her role in the movie 'Fashion'. She is considered to be one of the top-rated "actresses" in the Indian film industry today. Let me list down the last five, no wait, ten movies done by her. Pyaar Impossible (bomb), What's Your Raashee?(atom bomb) , Kaminey(surprisingly watchable, but no credit to her), Dostana (crap), Fashion(good, but she over-acted), Drona (nuclear bomb), Chamku (when did this movie come?), God Tussi Great Ho (it went away from the theaters sooner than it came), Love Story 2050 (L.O.L), Big Brother (whatever). Such is the line-up of movies of this "fantastic" actress. Not just acting, even her choice of boyfriends is bad! :D Harman Baweja? Give me a break! The only credit I give her is her lips, they are as gorgeous, if not more, as much as those of Angelina Jolie's.

#5 Kareena Kapoor

This is one actress that gets on my nerves every time I see her (Well, except a few instances). She is responsible for creating all this fuss about being 'size-zero'. She has definitely done some good movies recently, her acting being appreciated even by critics, BUT, more than what she deserves. Being from a family as hers gave her a huge advantage in launching her career. Apparently, she did the same thing to Shahid Kapoor what Brad Pitt did to Jeniffer Aniston. Whats worse is that she has become some sort of an 'idol' for young girls today. Anyway, my respect goes to her for her display of enormous confidence in herself.

 #4 Kristen Stewart

Oh! How vividly do I remember the day when I was watching 'Into the Wild', and was enchanted by Kristen Stewart, and said to myself, "This girl is going to become a very huge superstar one day!" And then came 'Twilight'.And it spoiled everything. Mushy-mushy romance, vampires, and audiences (mostly in their mid-teens) applauding their performances? Why? Why did she have to kill the magic she had created for me? Whats worse is that she doesn't "act" in her movies, THAT is her! Just look at her public speeches at award functions. She is SO awkward, to say the least. I hope she does some quality cinema soon, awes us with her performances, and comes to truly deserve the fame she has received.

#3 Aishwarya Rai

Miss World 1994. Beautiful. Talented. But, what has she done with it? Not many acclaimed movies to her credit. Obsessed with going international in the movie industry. Did a couple of lame movies in Hollywood (Mallika Sherawat did better in going international than her). Used to be constantly in the news due to her relationships with Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi. Married Abhishek Bachchan, who belongs to the first family in the Indian Film Industry. And, somehow, she became the face of Indian women represented abroad. Now, this is something hard to digest for me. Definitely, we have better women in the country who can represent India at a global platform.

#2 Megan Fox

Agreed. Megan Fox is insanely hot. But, that is IT. She is in no way responsible for global warming. She is getting signed on by producers for her looks! And not once, but in every movie that she does! Paparazzi all over the place to get her pictures! Get over her people, there are others who deserve more than her.

#1 Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has become so famous and loved, that I am scared even to write about her here, forget all the hate-comments I am expecting on this post due to this. Yes, she is charming, and has a smile that can melt you. For the uninitiated, her sister Isabella Kaif looks MUCH better than her. Coming back to Katrina, she is just not fit for the Indian Film Industry. She lacks acting skills, and is taller than most Indian actors, has a body which is almost masculine. Her accent sounds fake on-screen, and to cover all that, all she does is put on a lovely smile! What is wrong with everyone? A song like 'Teri Ore, Teri Ore', where all she does is stand and smile, is enough to blow away everyone's wits? I would have forgotten all this, but the fact that she is dating someone who is 20 years older than herself is just too hard to digest for me. :P

 7 girls I wish were less famous...


  1. for once, a very myopic view of things. This post though is bound to be tinged by personal opinion :)

  2. no dude... KAT n megan fox ka galat hai... they are DIVAS!! ... i dont care if they cant act or anything.... but their luk is mesmerizing enuf to empty my pockets! :D

  3. @Raut: Agreed

    @Pulkit: Saale, when did height become a factor for you. Going by that logic, you just reduced your sample space :P

  4. @Ambuj, isnt that precisely what a blog supposed to be, personal opinion of things? :P

    @Raut, Agreed. So a ramp is the place for them, not the silver screen.

    @Murthy, height is never a factor for "me". But trust me, a very tall actress paired with a shorter actor looks obscene on-screen

  5. @Pulkit: Yeah , but there are blogs that find more acceptance than others :)

  6. @ Pulkit Da:

    1. Here is a better comment.
    2. People will enjoy this less. (You can explain why, of course.)

    By and large, having seen beauty over hyped for three years (We're at IIT, for Gods' sake!), I agree with most of the stuff that you've mentioned. Par ek galti ke liye mai zindagi bhar maaf nahi kar sakta.

    How the hell did Priyanka Chopra (my dear little koochie koochie baby) make it to this list? Oh! The beauty on that woman! I think she is probably the most beautiful woman in India today (and its not only the lips I speak of), and is a face to be cherished and showered with fame. Give her some more of it, put her on a few more blogs, man!

    I yum liking, no no.... lowwwwing it ma!

  7. Superb post! I would have placed Kristen Stewart on top and would replace Chopra with someone.

  8. Agree with every point
    but Megan Fox?? why Megan Fox. You do not insult Megan Fox.... You and me need to sit and talk abt this and watch Transformers 2 again.

  9. @Anubhav, I haven't watched Transformers 2 yet, maybe I would be in a position to kick her out of this list once I watch it, in which I hope Megan Fox looks ridiculously HOT! :P

  10. WTF !!! All of them deserve to be famous. And FYI Maliaka Arora is not that famous.

    Seems like you are one of those losers who don't have any fame (duh) but will whine endlessly on famous people just to get cheap attention. I am ready to defend each and every one from this list that why they should be famous. And for the record I would really like to know what makes you think that you can judge them, what is your achievement afterall :P

    P.S. - load na lena re but I snapped after I saw Megan, Katrina and Aish :P ... take this as a critic of this post and not you :)
    You cannot insult all of them and get away just like that :D

  11. u have risen above ur hormones i guess.. thats why u cud write such a post.. its a gud one..

  12. shouldn't the topic blog be more appropriate
    as "7 actresses I wish were less famous"

  13. @ashinvi
    First, it is not a question of how famous Malaika is, my point is she is more famous than she deserves to be (according to me)

    Second, yes, I am became a loser the day I cracked JEE, and whining about nonsense is what I have learnt here :P . You are ready to defend them? And that would be by the authority of?

    Third, what makes me think I can judge them? The same reasons that made you judge them so high! You dont need any achievements for that, so neither do I. I just decided to blog about it, others didnt :)

    thanks :)

    you are right, but this is a part of a series of 7 posts on girls (hopefully). Read my previous two posts by following the links given in 'Note 1' :)

  14. i agree with Shirish !

    Priyanka doesn't deserve to be here.. her act in Kaminey, thought short, was very appealing as a typical Marathi woman... and although Kangana was better in Fashion, Priyanka did well on her part !

  15. wtf Kingy? Opinion dene ke liye khud ka achievement chahiye kya?

    In that case Aishwarya Rai should be stripped off her Miss World title because the judges were fugly?

  16. my dear fellow bloody iitian,
    firstly my first reaction on the title was you wished they were less famous so you might have got a chance.
    One reading I realized you have attained moksha . You have renunciated all worldly pleasures. You now write blogs why star in galaxy b is not so good as the one in galaxy c :D. But dude maintain hope, I am still clinging on to the remnants of it.

  17. @doga
    Don't you see, the fact that you are still 'clinging' to hope is what is making me hopeless! :P

  18. You made my day, It's exactly like if I was the writer!

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