Friday, March 05, 2010

The Skeptic and The Believer

Once, on the long winding road of Life, Skeptic and Believer met...

"What stops you from appreciating the beauty of Life?", asked Believer. "There is so much magnificence, such grandeur all around us!"

"How can you expect me to? I know there is Happiness, but then, there is Sorrow. How can you choose to see only the Happiness, and completely ignore Sorrow?", replied Skeptic.

"I know. But You and I are lucky to be able to feel and know the Beauty, that that is charming, that which not everyone is lucky to be able to see. If I make those few people around me see what I see, I have done my bit. And if everyone does his bit, all there will be left is happiness, and everything will be right."
...and suddenly, the Skeptic turned into Believer.

Believer went to visit Happiness. But today, there was an eerie silence, a frightening quiet in the atmosphere. Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl, Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl. The Joker and The Thief broke into the house, and they had brought powerful weapons - Fate and Destiny. They shot him with those, and killed Happiness, thinking the secret to his prosper lay in his Gold. "This must be the way out of here", said The Joker to the Thief. And all this while, Believer found himself incapable to do anything to prevent this.
...and suddenly, the Believer turned into Skeptic.

Once, on the long winding road of Life, Believer and Skeptic met...


  1. Masterpiece..
    but the point to be noted is that at the end both skeptic and the believer were overcome. But till that point the skeptic lived in fear and misery while the believer spent his time merrily. so do the math and guess which is better.

  2. @anubhav...thanks, but masterpiece, i dont think so :)

    And about doing the math, it is better to be the Joker or The Thief, at least you get the Gold ;)

  3. Where there is Despair, may we bring Hope...
    Where there is Discord, may we bring Harmony...
    Where there is Sadness, may we bring Joy...
    Where there is IIT, may we bring Jobs...

    and the beat goes on...

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