Sunday, August 12, 2012


I is a normal guy. I likes to watch his movies, play his games, read his books, you know, the whole shebang. I has a lot of friends too. I never felt alone. I's friends though, happy as they were, used to talk about the girls they saw and met, about how beautiful they were, and how the girls giggled during the dinners they took them to, and how their giggles made their hearts skip a beat. I was always amused when I heard these stories. They were fun. Both when the stories progressed beyond the first dinner, and when they didn't. I enjoyed the stories, but never understood them. Post-pubescent babble, I used to call it. It wasn't that I didn't want to be with a girl some day. Oh no, no. I always intended to get married, to an intelligent and mature girl, live in a beautiful house, with a sedan parked in the driveway, a lush green lawn with flowers in front and a kitchen-garden at the back of the house, raise kids, have a family, you know, the whole shebang. But, I found the all girls to be, alike. They lacked, you know, a character, a personality. And I thought his friends were lame when it came to girls (or, had an ulterior motive). Good for them, I thought. Until one day, I met U.

The ground beneath I's feet trembled, or maybe it was just I's legs. I had always believed that to know someone, one needs to talk to the person, spend time with the person, and if one is lucky, one will get to know the person. But I was surprised when just one glance felt like I knew U. And a split second later, I thought how lame it sounded even inside I's head, so I better not say it aloud. To anyone.

I decided to talk to U, spend time with U, you know, get to know U. I did that. I had thought that it was only a matter of time until everything would become normal again. On the contrary, I found that his first instinct got reinforced, his feelings, stronger. Weird, I thought. This had never happened to I before. I was baffled. I decided to talk to his friends about it. Of course they had experience with such situations, they might be able to help him figure it out.

I told his friends about how beautiful U was, how U's one smile lights up his day, how I cannot stop thinking about U every breathing moment, and how every time his phone rings, he excitedly looks at his phone to check if U had called, about how he eagerly waits and plans for the few hours I sometimes gets to spend with U, about how I could do just about anything if it made U happy. And after I had finished the monologue on how U is the most extraordinary person I has ever met, I heard what he had just said, and realized, I was turning into them.

Now, I found himself in a situation he never thought he would be in. I was lost. I thought about it. Now I gets it. Maybe he was wrong before, and his friends weren't lame to talk about girls that way. Maybe they really felt when they talked about them. I wanted to express his feelings.

"I love U", I said.

U smiled. I didn't know what to do. Kiss? That's how it happened in movies, I thought. But this wasn't a movie, I was sure. And the more time he spent thinking about what he should do next, the more awkward he knew it would become. His friends had warned him. "Are you sure about the 'I love you'-return?", they had asked. And I had replied that it didn't matter. What mattered was for him to be honest with his feelings. "Dreamer!", they had said. I did not let it get uncomfortable. I had expressed his feelings, and that is what mattered. Anyway, they went for a movie afterwards, and later had dinner. The noisy world suddenly started feeling disturbingly silent to him. When he was at her doorstep, bidding good night, U asked, "Why?". And I told her everything he had told his friends before. U smiled, and went inside. I went home. I could not sleep that night. I's friends told I that I was only a normal guy, and U was an extraordinary girl (from how I had described U, they said). It did not make sense to them. Why would she be with him? Seconds ticked away slowly, and the night passed.

 The next morning I's phone rang. It was U. I nervously took the call. "Why didn't you kiss me?", U asked. "Because I thought it wasn't a movie!", I blurted. They both laughed. "We make us extraordinary", U said.

"I love you.", she said.

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