Monday, December 31, 2012

Dil Chahta Hai

Note 1: For those special few people.

Note 2: 'Dil Chahta Hai' is very dear to me. Its organic quality has led my movie's interpretation to evolve as have I. I doubt anything else comes even close.

Agar mai tumse kahoon ki mai tumse pyaar karta hoon, tab bhi nahi?
Mai tum se aur sirf tumse pyaar karta hoon. Meri har saans, meri har dhadkan, mere har pal mai tum aur sirf tum ho.
Mujhe yakeen hai ki sirf isliye janma hoon ki tumse pyaar kar sakoon, aur tum sirf isliye ki ek din meri ban jao.
Tum meri ho, aur agar tum apne dil se poochogi to jaan logi ki mai sach keh raha hoon.

College was great. Sleepy days, crazy, sleepless nights. Nothing could stop us, and we could face everything. We were the world and we needed nothing else. It seemed complete. The balance had been achieved.

Mai kabhi soch bhi nahi sakta tha ki hum dono kahin aise baith ke baatein kar rahe honge.

We set out on our own individual paths, trying to make our own destiny, fighting our own fights, running our own races. Along the way, maybe we had left the things close to us far behind. Struggling, really. Without a clue about what hit us and when. Without realizing that time didn't run as slowly as it used to. And irreparably so, maybe. Maybe. Life happened?

It wasn't complete, and the balance wasn't perfect.

We all have, or eventually will, meet someone. And we will know we have met that someone when:

1) An 'I hate you' from her, to which you can reply with a smile, 'No you don't', comes second only to a 'I love you too' when you say 'I love you' to her.

Tum bhi naa, daraa diyaa naa bechaare ko.
I hate you.

Or, 2) 
Swarg ke darwaaze pe khadaa hai, magar andar nahi jaana chahta
Wo khuda se ek din maang raha hai, Cressida se aakhri baar milna chahta hai
Wo use bataana chahta hai ki wo usse kitna pyaar karta hai.
Agar use wo ek din mil jaaye, to use hazaar maut aur kabool hai.

Or, 3)
Agar wo mere saath hoti, aur kisi ne aisi waisi harkat ki hoti,
to mai use jaan se maar deta.
I would've killed him.

2), 3), must not be taken literally, of course, on account of it being too extreme. Anyway.

Imbalance, incompleteness, imperfection leads to balance, completeness, perfection. Full circle, if you may, stronger, surer than before. Imperfections made us complete. The sum was always greater than the parts, double, even more. Some, perfect, parts, not so much.

The beginning will be the end, the dream still kicking and wildly alive:

Agar mai kahoon ki mai tumse pyaar karta hoon
tab bhi nahi?
Mai tumse aur sirf tumse pyaar karta hoon
Meri har saas,
Meri har dhadkan
Mere har pal mai tum ho
Aur sirf tum ho
Mujhe yakeen hai ki mai sirf is liye janma hoon
ki tumse pyaar kar sakoon
Aur tum is liye ki ek din meri ban jao
Agar tum apne dil se poochogi
To jaan logi
Ki mai sach keh raha hoon

Dil Chahta Hai...

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