Tuesday, December 04, 2012

7 girls who I'm glad are my age

Note 1: About 3 years ago, around the time I really started posting, I did three blog posts - '7 girls I wish were more famous', '7 Indian girls I wish were more famous', and '7 girls I wish were less famous', with a promise and hope that at some point, I would complete 7 posts in the '7 girls' series. This is the 4th post in that series, which I will hopefully complete. Although, considering my current pace, it seems a decade would pass by the time I would be able to do that.

Note 2: 2012 has been a good year for Indian cinema, and with that, have emerged new, fresh faces in the industry. This is my tribute to a memorable year for Indian cinema.

My age is a good age to be. I am making enough money to have a good lifestyle, so life doesn't suck as much (money-wise) as it did when I was in college. There are limited liabilities, and no real "worries" in life. Life's good. The best part about being this age is that most of the beautiful girls we see on-screen are also around this age. This, might be happening for the first time in our lives, when they take a very real form in our head, and the probability of our running into them randomly (at a pub, maybe, or at the airport, and so on) and our picking up a conversation with them and "hitting it off" increases. Albeit minisculely, still. I mean, I can imagine running into one of these girls somewhere and picking up a conversation with them with a "Hey, you know, I wrote a post about you.", and if it doesn't creep them out, I can imagine how awesomely we would get along and have so much fun in the subsequent 4 hours, and maybe a lifetime of togetherness.

So, the girls on this list are around my age, +/- 2 years (remember lifetime of togetherness?), and should have had atleast one release during 2012 (since this is a tribute to a good year for Indian cinema). 

#7 Sonakshi Sinha (25)

She stunned in Dabangg, and I am hoping she would manage it again this year in Dabangg 2. Yes, she's on this list despite the jokes about her forehead.

#6 Shruti Hassan (26)

A singer and a music director too, I'm not sure how her 2012 release 3 performed, but she makes her presence felt in just a few glimpses in the video of the blockbuster song from that movie, Why this Kolaveri Di.

#5 Prachi Desai (24)

I hear Bol Bachchan is a terrible movie, still.

#4 Ileana D'Cruz (25)

What's with the cute persona of South Indian actresses?! Anyway, playing a not-so-likable character in her Hindi debut Barfi!, she manages to hold her own alongside power-packed performances by the leads.

#3 Priya Anand (26)

Yes, she played that very likable (albeit a little cliché) character in English Vinglish, plus she gets bonus points for her name. She looks great in this ad-film, if only we got to see another movie or two which exploit her girl-next-door looks fully.

#2 Yami Gautam (24)

So glad she got a break into movies from doing soap operas such as Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam and Chand Ke Paar Chalo. I suspect Vicky Donor's success had nothing to do with a good script or a clever story. At least I wouldn't have enjoyed a movie about a sperm donor which did not have her. Her next Hindi release is going to be 'Hamara Bajaj', with the same production team as Vicky Donor. Can't wait!

#1 Huma Qureshi (26)

If there is one girl on this list I want to randomly meet somewhere, pickup a conversation, leading to a lifetime of togetherness, she would be the one! Such grace, poise, beauty, and talent! Who needs "size-zero"?! She is just so... real. After two critically acclaimed releases this year (GoW,  Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana), she has two declared upcoming projects, including one to be directed by Vishal Bharadwaj. I don't understand why Ray Ban hasn't signed her up to be the face for their brand in India!

I might have missed considering a few people for this list (à la Nargis Fakhri, Parineeti Chopra, Alia Bhatt, etc.), but that's because I haven't seen them on-screen yet.

7 girls who I'm glad are my age...


  1. "My age is a good age to be."
    I am pretty sure you do not live in the same world as me.

    1. No reading between the lines this time, eh? :P Black comedy dost, black comedy.

  2. Man lives on in eternal hope... :P

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  4. Huma Qureshi. Queen of hearts. Her personality is so different, it is almost unreal!!!