Friday, August 14, 2009

The Great Indian Greed

Can anyone please tell me the latest count of the number of IITs in India, because, seriously, I have stopped keeping count. 15 is it? I understand that the increase in the number of IITs, or for that matter, even the number of AIIMS, IIMs, and any other "brand" that India was able to create in its (glorious?) 62 years of Independence is because of "Greed". What I cannot understand is that whose greed is it? Greed of a nation? To capitalize on the very few "brands" that it was able to create for itself, and brand a more number of its citizens with that name? Or the greed of a select few at the top, to show us an oasis in this desert, and create (vote?) banks for themselves?

"Every Indian will be an IITian one day". :D True. At the current rate, seems very plausible. But only after the very word IITian has been ridiculed and mocked to such an extent that it would have no value at all.

What is the point of saying all this, when all this has already been said a thousand times? No point really. Vella baitha tha room pe, and had nothing much to do. I thought, lets make a (society-changing?) post. :P

But on the eve of the 62nd Independence Day of the Republic of India, lets sit back and think of what we have achieved, and how the common man of India is feeling deprived of being able to make and see the changes he wants in the society, in a country that is the world's largest democracy. I am not saying India does not need more quality institutions. But the new ones should not come at the cost of the existing ones.

The Great Indian Greed...