Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Great Indian Sloth

Confined to the shackles of a prison known as IIT, I have been quite distant from the idiot box for quite sometime now. Each summer meant me catching up on whatever the trend was on the television (which also meant watching Kyon ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi with my mom :P ). But this summer, something amazing happened. Something, which I was waiting for it to happen.

I happened to watch three shows (which incidentally garnered the highest TRPs). "Iss Jungle se mujhe bachao", "Sach ka saamna", and "Raakhi ka swayamvar". Now, what is amazing about these shows is, that these shows are a testimony to the fact that India is coming of age. If India can show a high GDP, produce billionaires, entrepreneurs, Oscar-winning artists, then India can also create such people, who can confess their darkest secrets in front of the entire country, people who make their own marriage a mockery, people fighting for "survival", and people who can watch all the load of crap that is given to them in the form of prime-time entertainment. I could never imagine a guy could admit to having 3 wives, a current girlfriend, an illegitimate child, and forcing an abortion on national television in India. Now that I see the signs of change, I am waiting (excited??) for the possibilities in the future. To what extent can we go, and be called freaks.

If India intends to be a superpower (by 2020?? :D ), this has to come tagged along with it. Its obvious. We say the average IQ of America is less, just wait a couple of years till you see the picture very soon at a place (store? theater? :P ) near you. I bet some of you have already started to notice the steady decline.

It pains me to see obese couples with their kids at KFCs, McDonalds', or Dominoes'. Where are we heading to? Is this the "modern" lifestyle? Eat crap, Watch crap, Talk Crap, and do nothing...

This article would not be complete without my mentioning the IIT Kgp junta. Yahaan bhi haalat bahut alag nahi hai :P . People sometimes don't realize that there is a big wide world out of their 14" monitors. So many things that cannot be understood by just staring at a screen. People can also talk in places other than the DC main chat,and Google Talk. All this when there are excellent opportunities on campus to pursue whatever we like, be it sports, soc cult, or tech. So much from the cream of the crop, so others cannot really be blamed.

The Great Indian Sloth...


  1. "Cholbe naa" :-X
    You forgot the worker sloth..the right to do no work.
    Hmph! I am going on strike until you include it.

  2. Ganda diya hai be...we all have got these freaks inside us...earlier we used to hide it because of the society...but now rakhi sawant has shown us the way