Friday, August 28, 2009

The Great Indian Wrath

"Kuch kar guzarne ko, khoon chala, khoon chala." Lyrics from Rang de Basanti, a movie which used the silver screen as a canvas to paint The Great Indian Wrath. Somehow, no other Indian movie has had so much impact on the Indian youth in the recent years as Rang de Basanti. We all could identify ourselves with DJ, Karan, Sukhi, Aslam and Laxman.

Angry young men we are, young men, angry at something or the other. Angry at not being able to get into a "good course" at a "good college" (reservations?), angry for not being able to get a job we wanted or liked, angry because we had to go away (abroad?) to do justice to ourselves, angry with the netas, angry with the corruption, angry because of unequality in a free land, angry because of communalism in a secular country, angry because noone seems to cares, angry because we care, angry because we feel helpless, angry because of the "system". As Karan says towards the end of Rang de Banasnti, after shooting the minister, "Abhi bhi bahut gussa hai."

So much that we wait for something so happen, to show our wrath. To make a example out of an incident. Symbolic protests to show our wrath. On how many different occasions have there been a candle light march to the India Gate, to protest in a peaceful manner, and to show that we are all united? It is ironic that the people constituting the "peaceful" march are not at peace.

The Great Indian Wrath is waiting to be unleashed. It is only a matter of time now. Sooner or later, it has to explode. And once it does, it ll burn whatever crosses its path, and then the phoenix will rise from its ashes.

The Great Indian Wrath...

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  1. Hey buddy, you write really well.. absolutely you are right.. each one of us feel "gussa bahut baaki hai andar"..