Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Great Indian Pride

July, the month when some of our batch-mates return from their internships in some foreign land. They return with their heads held high, with a great sense of pride by having a "foreign return" stamp on their foreheads, which is really a great value addition for them, and more importantly, for their families. Ladkaa pardes ho ke aa gaya!

But they do not return alone. They have a bagful of goodies for their friends and family. I got a fair share of the goodies from several such bags, which led me to think, what is it that Indians value the most, in terms of material posessions.

I could think of only two terms to describe such things - "imported", and "export quality". Wierd isn't it? :D . There is little value for things available normally in India.

Some more thinking while sucking on a Malboro menthol from the US of A (which is awesome :P ) - imported cigarettes, awesome! Export quality cigarettes gifted by someone at ITC, awesome. While all you get to suck on in your daily lives is the 3rd rate Goldflake. Imported scotch and wine, awesome. Imported car, awesome. Export quality fruits, awesome!

This does not end here, it gets better. ;)

Imported women, awesome! Thats what got Barbara Mori in Kites all the eyeballs. Or thats what made Katrina Kaif the queen of bollywood, and the ruler of the hearts of Indian men. Export quality women? Do I need to explain all about Aishwarya Rai and Mallika Sherawat? ;)

The great Indian pride comes when they offer you something, the look on their faces when they say, "Try it, its imported."

Whats the point of this post, you ask? The point is, in our enchantment of foreign stuff, we fail to appreciate that which is not exported but is of global standards, available for us, right here in India. All you need is the right amount of bucks in your pockets. ;)

Where did this tendency originate, you ask? I ll have to say the glorious 90 years that the British ruled us. Those 90 years made us fans of that that is not Indian. Which explains why speaking English well is supposed to mean you are well educated. Which explains the value we give to imported stuff. Bechaare Gandhi, wore khaadi till the end of his life, while here we are, dying to have an Armani or a Versace on. :D :D

The Great Indian Pride...


  1. Really, you've hit the nail on its head.
    I, myself being one of the phoran returned guys, second you totally.
    Phoraners are not perfect, and nor are we totally incompetent.
    The point is, unless you are proud of something, you won't desire to maintain/improve it. Rather, u would criticize it to an extent that abandoning it would seem the only prudent option.

    I was thinking of posting something on these lines myself. You have given me added tempo :)

  2. Brilliant point !! This is exactly why India still cant grow with the rate is should , which it is capable of.
    Let me tell you about the goods which people get from foreign , then so called 'imported' goods. Ha ha ha .. i have seen some of the most expensive stores selling stuff where its clearly written 'made in india'.

    If people are such fans of foreign countries, why don't they also learn how much the people there love their countries. How proud are they of their country that even a slightest of comment against it makes them throw a fist at your face.

  3. Nice "Urban" feel in the whole write up. Nice write up. :)

  4. nice dude! well said... to some extent i do agree.... but not completely... being a foreign(phoren! :P) return this summer too, i feel there are some parts which might not be true. For example...electronics.. i love my country a lot, but lets not forget that some of the stuff that i have brought back with me is far better and indian stuff lies no where near those superb and artistic pieces...

    yes on the other lines i do accept that the "Indian" tag inculcates the "imported stuff-ohh so good" mentality on its own.. its smthing that runs in the blood perhaps!

  5. dude loved your posts read almost all of them in a single go :) keep up the good work :)