Monday, August 31, 2009

The Great Indian Lust


Note 1: Blog Post rating - PG-16 - Parents Strongly Cautioned - Some material may be inappropriate for children under 16.

Note 2: Please "fuck" the "fish", and "hex" the "sex" to make a little more sense of this post.

Welcome to the land that gave the world kamasutra! One of the most hexually deprived, and one of the most hexually conservative societies of the modern times - a land known as India.

Pre-marital hex is a taboo, and virginity is a virtue. Who cares? Welcome to the modern society, where people fish all the time. Not really a big deal. Some out of curiosity, some because they fall in "love", some because its cool, and some for no apparent reason at all. I am not taking sides here, as to what is right or what is wrong. This is just the state of affairs. Fishing is really "in" these days. :D People always interested in knowing who fished whom after the party yesterday night. Awesome! India comes of age?

There is a flip-side to all this. Fishing is not THAT "in" as it seems to be from the outside. Dig a little deeper, and a different story emerges. Unlike in the US (from where India seems to be learning "culture"), where people fish even when they are not in "love". Fishing, in this case, is just a part of the relationship, which might develop into "love". Often, people fish all the time, and if one of them confesses "love"..."Whoa! This is going a bit too fast!" Compare this picture to India, where a guy would say "I love you" to his beloved a thousand times a day, in the hope he gets an opportunity to fish. :O

Some poor people here never even get an opportunity to create an opportunity for themselves. :D For them, marriage becomes a mockery. Marry someone handpicked to suit you, and get a license for unlimited free hex. Of course, that is not the case with everyone. :P

A major reason for people wanting to go abroad, at least once, is the "open" society there. With lusty eyes they go, with satisfied faces they come back. Amsterdam seems to be the mecca of all places. Got some bucks? Spend it well on a nice, big, juicy and satisfying fish.

Go to the movies. Indian movies have seemingly matured from dancing around trees, and sitting behind bushes, to on-screen smooches, and "steamy" scenes. Matured, but not enough, so much that an Indian movie depicting "live-in" relationships has to be set in Australia (Salaam Namaste), and a movie depicting "gays" have to be set in the US of A (Dostana), just so that audiences can easily digest it. So much for progress. It is a pity that "hypocrisy" is not one of the deadly sins, else I would have easily dedicated a post to it called "The Great Indian Hypocrisy".

And finally, not to forget our lustful media, always waiting for an opportunity to pounce upon scandals. Some unknown actress gave 11 kissing scenes, or gave 4 "bold" scenes, or wore a bikini, nip-slip, or got an mms of her fishing? Make her a superstar. So much for being a "conservative" society.

The Great Indian Lust...